Motts Profile


              Name: A. J. Motts

              Age: 17

              Sex: M

              Date of Birth: October 23rd, Iím on the cusp but I am a stereotypical Scorpio


                Band? KISS

                Tune? This could change daily...but right now I would have to say...Dracula by Iced Earth

                Alcoholic Beverage? Strawberry-Banana Scnapps and Mt. Dew

                Position?  #46 with a half twist

                Movie?  Wizard of Oz

                Movie Star? Johnny Depp

                Jail Facility? Alcatraz, the way prison should be

                Deodorant?  Whatís that?

            Toothpaste?  Colgate Total Fresh Stripe, it helps prevent cavities, gingivitis, plaque, fights tarter and has long lasting fresh breath protection

                Hair care product?  InfusiumÖ.gotta fight the frizzies!

                Adult film actress?  Mmmmm Raquel Darian

                South Park episode? The one where Kenny dies

                 Food? Italian

                Car?  Ferrari 550

Do you...

                Drink?  Sometimes

            Smoke? Nope    

Workout? Yeah, off and on...more off than on, however            

Have an STD? Not any more...I gave them all away

Play Guitar naked?  Doing anything naked is good

Go to the Dentist regularly? Yep, I go once a decade. My next appointment is for August, 2010

Have Sex? Not lately

Wear Underwear? I wear the tighest and smallest bikini underwear I can find

Like Head? Iím a male, of course I do

Like Cheese? I hope this does not relate to the above question cuz head cheese is nasty (Iíve tried it)

Poop daily?  Iíd have to say that my bowls move about every other day

                Eat Meat?  Hell yeah, Iím a carnivour

            Step on spiders or smash with a tissue? I step on them whenever I can, itís kinda hard when they are on the ceiling, though

Have any...

                Tattoos? Not yet, but working on it

                Piercing? Only in the ears

                Scars?  I have a pretty cool scar on my leg from the Monsters of Rock concert at the L. A. Coliseum back in 1988

Have you ever...

                Had sex with an animal? If you saw some of the women Iíve dated, you would say yes!

Picked food outta teeth on a date? No

Masturbated on air?  Uh.....No....Why do you ask?! What have your heard?!!?

Told Long Paul to kiss your ass? Who hasnít?!

Had Long Paul kiss your ass? Yeah, but only if he gets up in the pink.

Talked someone to death? yes

Sniffed paint? No, but Testers model glue does a pretty good job

Smoked a dubie? You mean doobie? No comment.

Got caught in parents bed doing the nasty? Thatís sick! Who would wanna do it in your parents bed?!

Escaped from prison? Not yet

Had an experience with hot wax? Only on my snowboard.       

                Been in Rehab?  No, but I will be soon if I have to answer any more questions.


                Tell a secret that nobody knows:  I was an architecture major before I gave it all up for a lucrative career in radio.

                Wildest Thing youíve ever done?  Skydiving!  It was incredible!

                Whatís your Motto? Live your life like you are going to die tomorrow and plan your life like you are going to live forever.

                Whereís the strangest place youíve ever had sex? On a balcony facing an interior courtyard.

                Whoís your favorite Teletubbie character? Po

                Have you ever had a booster shot?  Nope

                Have you ever been caught in a mosh pit and couldnít get out?  Nope

                Pink or mauve? To be honest, I prefer Taupe.

                Triangle, Mohawk or Bald?  Racing Stripe

                TP or Tufts? What??

                Who makes you horny, baby? Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jessica Alba, Heather Locklear

                What was the last CD you bought? Your supposed to BUY cdís?

                Beer or wine?  Beer

                ok then, what kind of beer? MGD if Iím buying, Newcastle if someone else is buying.

                Ribbed or lubricated? I prefer ribbed, that way I can turn them inside out for MY pleasure.

                Thin crust or thick? Meat Loverís with thick crust.

                Marilyn Manson or Led Zeppelin? Marilyn Manson

                Doggie or missionary?  Doggie (giving that a woman....NOT receiving...from anyone)

                Who would be in your ultimate superband?          Vocals:  Axl  Rose

                                                                                                           Guitar: Steve Vai

                                                                                                           Bass:  Gene Simmons

                                                                                                           Drums:  Lars Ulrich

                Complete the sentence: if I were a contortionist, Iíd a) be making a lot more money b) join the Jim Rose Circus c) have much better sex